For corporate customers we offer the option to customize your HEIMAT BOXES

  • With your own design to reflect your products or services
  • With custom products from your own production or tailored to your wishes/budget
  • With a custom sleeve for your personalized message
  • a unique piece of home for any occasion

Whether it be for a special product presentation, Christmas celebration, company anniversary or as a year-round company gift (custom printing of the Heimat Box starting at 500 pieces) we are here to make it happen.

We make sure that your corporate gift isn’t just a random mix of thrown together products in a cardboard box, but that each item is appreciated in the way it’s presented. This ensures that your personalized Heimat Box and its contents leave an impactful, high quality and lasting impression, and an overall gift experience in a class of its own. Your customers, employees and partners will greatly appreciate this.

Contact us to bring your personal Heimat Box idea to life.

Anfertigung Heimat-Box

Customized sleeves with message

Once you have selected a Heimat Box from our range, you can customize the sleeve, sticker and cards to represent your company.

This allows you to give your Heimat Box a unique and personal touch. This is sure to leave a positive impression and will be highly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you:

Bayernbox Banderole